Want to know how something works on the site or apps? Or don't understand something? In this section we try to provide some basic guides on how works, or how to use specific features. Some of the items might contains a video besides the written text to provide a bit more context as well.

Using the calculator

Want to simply know how much you printed from a spool? Just use the calculator to get it figured out!
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The apps provide a way to manage your inventory on your phone. By installing the app your will have the ability to add, modify and manage all your filaments. The app is available on both iOS and Android.
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Adding a new manufacturer to

By having already available manufacturers on the site, everyone can add filament very easy! So let's see how to add a new manufacturer to help with this.
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Add a new filament for a manufacture to

Adding a new type of filament for a manufacturers makes it that everyone can directly add it to the inventory. So let's see how that is done.
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Still questions?

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