Using the calculator

Want to simply know how much you printed from a spool? Just use the calculator to get it figured out!

Note: Small difference in site layout may occur since the video has been made.
Using the calculator is actually pretty simple, so lets get started!
Before we start, the calculator is only available when the total weight of the spool is originally saved. Without this, the calculator is not available. 

The first thing we need to do is getting the current weight of the spool. Just use a scale to get the weight, and now, jump into the inventory page to search for the filament.
If you printed a label, or created a NFC tag, you can also scan that to go directly to the filament page. (Currently the calculator is not available directly in the android app)

Once you are at the filament page, just select the calculator page, fill in the weight, and the calculator will show how much you printed.