Adding a new manufacturer to

By having already available manufacturers on the site, everyone can add filament very easy! So let's see how to add a new manufacturer to help with this.

Note: Small difference in site layout may occur since the video has been made.
Everyone with a account on can add a new manufacturer, however it does require approval before it is shown on the site. We do try to approve it as soon as possible, but this might take a few days. When enabled in your profile, you will get a email that it is approved.

So to get started, we first need to check if the manufacturer isn't already in the list. 
Once you checked it is not in the list, we can get it added yourself.

In the form to add a new manufacture, you simply fill in the name, the manufacturers website, a short description and optionally a logo.
After approval, it will be listed on the site, and you can add new filaments to list as well!