Having a lot of filament? But no idea how much? And what colors?

Then welcome to filament.uno. Filament.uno provides you a inventory for all your 3D printing filaments, how much is on a roll left over, and more. Our filament calculator makes it very easy to calculate what you printed, and graphs show for each roll how much is left over

The only thing you will need to do is add your rolls (Or samples) to your inventory, and when printing you just need to tell how much you printed. Filament.uno will keep track on how much is left on a roll. And yes, all of this is provided for free, the only thing you need to do is register an account to get started.

And it is more then just that. We also try to list as many filament manufacturers with types on our site, so you can add new rolls even easier. Do you have a roll of filament that is not in our database? Just submit it, and we will add it!

To get started you just need to register, and add some filament!

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If you have any feedback, or suggestions, please submit a issue at our issue tracker here. You can also join our discord server for your questions.

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Filament.uno on Mobile

The filament.uno app makes it easy to manage you inventory from your phone. Scan QR codes or NFC tags (Depending on supported hardware/software) on the filament roll, and the app opens automatically to manage the roll!

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Latest news

Not sure about your color? Make your color choice together with FilamentColors.xyz

Published at July 17, 2021 19:14 by Paul.
Today we have added support for choosing the color of your filament based of swatches from filamentcolors.xyz!
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Filament.uno site updates

Published at August 23, 2020 17:09 by Paul.
With the first release of the site now a few months ago, we have been updating the site with a few new features. Today we finally added a brand new inventory page, making it much easier to use the site.

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Welcome to filament.uno!

Published at May 20, 2020 17:05 by Paul.

Welcome to filament.uno, a brand new site offering a simply inventory to keep track of your filament in stock. The goal of this site is to offer a simple method to find which filament you have in stock, and also provide a way to find how much you print (Or not).

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