site updates

Published at August 23, 2020 17:09 by Paul.

With the first release of the site now a few months ago, we have been updating the site with a few new features. Today we finally added a brand new inventory page, making it much easier to use the site.

When you open the inventory page, you now directly have a full list of all your filaments, instead of a page with just a few of them, making it much easier to find what you needed.
But, this still makes it very hard to find something if you have a lot of filaments. So we have added filters.
By default, we hide all inventory items that are empty. You don't need them right? If you still want to view them, just click on filters, and disable hide empty.
On the filters page, you can also apply specific filters, like the filament diameter, or the color, to show on the page. Making it very quick to find the roll you need.
Hopefully this makes it easier to use the inventory page for everyone. If you have any feedback, or if something is broken, please let us know.

And there will be more very soon! We have been hard at work on the android app, and we are planning a very first release in the upcoming weeks. Once it is available, we will let you know!