Paul's inventory

Hi, Paul is using to keep inventory of his filament, and what he uses. Here you can find some statistics of what is in the inventory of Paul . So, lets show some statistics!

Total printed

Of all 107 items saved in, Paul has printed from those 27649 grams. Of the 107 saved there are 41 full and 9 empty.

Rolls? Or samples? Or both

You can not just save rolls, but also samples here on Of the total 107 items, this is the types that are in the inventory:

  • 85 Rolls
  • 22 Samples

Filament flavours

And the same for filament flavours, so let's have a look:

  • woodfill: 3 pieces
  • PLA: 67 pieces
  • NGEN lux: 1 pieces
  • tglas: 3 pieces
  • PLA/PHA: 4 pieces
  • Special filament: 2 pieces
  • NGEN Flex: 1 pieces
  • PETG: 5 pieces
  • PVA: 5 pieces
  • PP: 1 pieces
  • NGEN: 2 pieces
  • HTPLA: 1 pieces
  • ABS: 4 pieces
  • ASA: 1 pieces
  • TPU: 5 pieces
  • CPE: 1 pieces
  • Nylon: 1 pieces

Filament diameter

While 1.75mm is common now, in the past everyone used 2.85/3mm filament. But does Paul has any of those?

  • 1.75mm: 85 pieces
  • 2.85mm/3mm: 22 pieces


We already said that Paul has printed in total 27649 grams, but we store more information about weight. For example, that there is in total 38073 grams (Or 38.073kg) of filament in the inventory.


images say more than words, right? So here are some graphs.