Gizmo Dorks

Born and raised in California, the founding partners of Gizmo Dorks grew up together as friends since grade school. After some time experiencing the different corners of the country, our mutual interests brought us back together to establish Gizmo Dorks in 2009. Now we have a dedicated team focused on bringing new things to our community that we find fascinating. The latest fascination in 3D printing has led us to notice that it is difficult to find quality supplies for a reasonable price. After doing our research and making new contacts, we are excited to offer products that will make 3D desktop printing more accessible to the general public. This is our goal at Gizmo Dorks, to provide products that we are passionate about, whether its 3D printing, a newly designed tablet case, or a cool new baby product that one of our son’s is using. We’re also committed to quality and keeping it affordable.


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